Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs In India

Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs In India

Freelancing is definitely trending these days and many youngsters in India are opting for the same. Freelancers have the benefit of working on their terms and conditions. They can also choose their own clients and choose when they want to work. There are no paid leaves but like mentioned, freelancers are their own boss. People are seen quite sceptical about turning freelancing into full-time due to the possibility of a stable pay. However, this is not the case as many jobs are highing paying. In India, there may be comparatively less but it is predicted that by the year 2020, India will have the same opportunities as freelancers in foreign countries and international market. There are many jobs that qualify for freelancing, but let us talk about the highest paying freelancing jobs in India.

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Freelancing can be quite tricky as one need discipline and time management to pursue it as a full-time, or even part-time career. Hence, it is necessary that you have full knowledge of the field you have decided to pursue. So, let us study more about these fields:

Content Writing

Thanks to social media platforms and business and tech websites, content is really in demand these days. Freelancing as a content writer can earn you a good amount of money. Generally, the content writers are paid per assignment but there are some writers who charge on the basis of the time they contribute while some charge on per word basis. To become a freelance content writer, you can start by reading a lot and practising writing techniques. You can also do a short course on content writing or do an internship for the same.

Graphics Designing

Graphic Designer is another professional which is in-demand in the market. To be a graphic designer, you need to have knowledge about certain software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. You can do an undergraduate program or a short-term diploma in the same. All you require is regular practice and skills to innovate new designs. They are known to earn about 70-80 dollars per hour by taking up freelance international assignments.

Software Development

Software development is a tough job but can earn you lots of money in the freelancing industry. However, for this profession, you will require a professional degree. The main objective here is to provide coding services, It will not be wrong to say that software developers earn the highest among all the other freelance jobs. Therefore, the time and money invested in the study come back in the big bucks. 

Business Development

Business Development is highly required by big companies and MNCs. Affiliate marketing, offline sales, online sales and telemarketing, all these may seem like a small part in the success of a company but Business Development Managers are paid a lot for their operations. Freelance business development managers take care of a company’s offline marketing. One only needs decent knowledge about business and marketing to pursue this freelancing job. However, many have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Commerce.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the new platform which companies use to promote their products or services. A good online presence helps the marketing of the product/ service in vast numbers. If you a social media junkie and have a decent knowledge of how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms work, then you can definitely take up freelancing as a social media manager. There are increasing jobs for this field all over the internet.

Video Editors

If you know how to ideate, create and edit a video, then you can enter the video editing field and earn quite well for your skills. You can do a short-term course or learn it online on educational websites. There are a great number of job opportunities for freelance video editors. Organizations are always looking for video editors for their social media marketing, YouTube channel and product advertising.

Freelancing jobs are flooded in the market these days. All you have to do is choose your field and gain skills accordingly. The best part is that most of these freelancing jobs require minimum studies. A short-term diploma course is enough to build a long-term career for yourself. There are so many benefits of freelancing, you need to become specialized in one field. The freelance profession you select should fully be revised by you. It is necessary to keep on advancing your skills and knowledge about your field of work. Not all freelancing jobs might earn you a favourable income but the above-mentioned jobs are a few of the jobs are very high in demand and there are a great number of job opportunities flooding in these fields. 

Tip: To start any of these freelancing jobs, build a portfolio of your work and start marketing it among organizations and entrepreneurs.

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