Hawaiii is fully integrating and automating the whole system of booking jet aircraft and helicopter at a single click. During an election campaign our ministers and VIP’s visit the different destination in order to meet people and do rallies. We provide instantly book the business jets and helicopter in App and you can avail the services of booking jets for election campaign. For the campaign,We prefer providing the twin-engine /single engine charter like BELL 412 , 206, DAUPHIN N2 , EQUEREUIL in remote areas for a safer travel and can also carry more people. These special charters do not need a runway for takeoff and landings.Helicopter and aircrafts for election flying and campaign ,Book helicopter or business jet for general election, lok sabha election 2019, Instantly book your jet aircraft business jet and helicopter on Hawaiii app, Lease helicopter to cover vast region, Hire hawaiii as your booking app for election for political party, Partys star campaigner travel by aircraft , book jet aircraft for 1 month during election private jet charter for VVIP .business jets for politician travelling in business aircraft . Hawaiii provides helicopter and private jet charters for VIP’S /VVIP’S to meet their busy travel schedule and campaign promotion. With the best combination of luxury, safety and security, our charter services for election campaign are best preferred to shuttle between cities in very short notice. Maximun hours of flying at minimum cost, it’s our gurantee. In the hectic election campaign, we cater on demand charter for light, medium, heavy jets and single /twin engine helicopters. We use rotor turbo props and jets from established domestic & foreign airlines that have an uncompromising commitment to safety. We so cautious in our selection process when it comes to finding the right aircraft for your private air travel. Our client base is diverse. Apart from the increased popularity among politicians, businessman and individuals from sports/film industry, corporate multinational and industrialist usually tend to favour the use of private jets for the privacy and luxury they can enjoy, so here at Hawaiii App, we attend to every detail from the perfect choice to your trip itinerary specifications. Be a business charters, election campaign, film shoot, we ensure your complete experience with Hawaiii meet the highest standard. In 2019 Lok Sabha election, hiring a helicopter or choppers or business jet for campaigning would be status symbol for a political party or a leader and this time it becomes necessity. Every political party that expects to win more than a handful of seat has atleast one helicopter at its disposal so Hawaiii renders instantly book your jet aircraft, business jet and helicopter on its Hawaiii app itself. During a hectic election schedules, the leaders who want to cover the whole country cannot hope to do it without flying much of the way or need to campaign in every district with in short span, cannot do it without flying but here you can hire Hawaiii as your booking app for elections for political parties . the parties would hire so many choppers or helicopters for assembly election in the state, because alot of politician prefer twin engine helicopters, of which not too many are available in the country but Hawaiii make it ease the booking of helicopter twin or singleengine or business jet at a single click .


The choice is going to be yours and based on the information you provide for booking the helicopter or business jet on our integrated or automated for the political parties during election which will make booking easy as you book a taxi nowdays.



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