Augmented Reality and Android developer (Technical Lead)

Bindrr is an early-stage startup focused on using augmented reality to create a social network that completely changes the way people socialize and consume entertainment. Bindrr will allow users to drop media in the real world (be it a building, a street, a house, or anything) for others to interact with them using their smartphone camera.

Before applying for this post/reading the below mentioned requirements, please have this understanding that, as with any work, one must be ready to learn new things as per requirements and use the same for better output.

Desired Skills:

• Proficient in Kotlin/Java and Python. Knowledge of C++ is a plus

• Strong cloud architecture as well as management experience (Azure/AWS)

• Strong proficiency in Database (PostgreSQL/MySQL/NoSQL)

• Integrating third party Frameworks and Libraries

• Understanding of Android UI design principles and interface guidelines

• Knowledge of Android SDK & Runtime Environments, Location services, Google Maps and other Android support libraries

• Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect Android applications to back-end services

• The ability to take an unfamiliar algorithm, understand it, translate it to code and improve it

• Use RxJava, Dagger, and other great tools to build smooth, stable, and fun products

For AR:

• Build 3D Augmented reality experiences using a suitable engine. Experience with AR platforms

• Willingness to experiment, learn and become experts in a new language/platform

• Experience with ARCore/Wikitude/Vuforia and other AR related technologies

• Location-based Augmented reality (aka Marker-less Augmented reality)

• Instant tracking and SLAM

• Basic knowledge of computer vision techniques (OpenCV etc.)

• Understanding of OpenGL ES

Applicant must have at least 3-5 years of experience working as an Augmented reality and full-stack Android developer.

Important note: As this is an early-stage startup, an amount of equity will be mutually agreed upon and will be provided until the company receives the first round of investment. After the first round, the salary will be provided accompanied by other benefits. Applicants must have understanding of and accept the challenges of working in an early-stage startup. Once the company gets momentum, the person's commitment and work would be acknowledged in the form of fitting benefits.

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