Augmented Reality and iOS developer (Technical Lead)

Bindrr is an early-stage startup focused on using augmented reality to create a social network that completely changes the way people socialize and consume entertainment. Bindrr will allow users to drop media in the real world (be it a building, a street, a house, or anything) for others to interact with them using their smartphone camera.

Desired Skills:

• Proficient in Swift and Python. Knowledge of Objective-C is a plus

• Strong cloud architecture as well as management experience (Azure/AWS)

• Strong proficiency in Database (PostgreSQL/MySQL)

• Integrating third party Frameworks and Libraries

• Knowledge of software design patterns and iOS best practices

• Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services

• Knowledge of Apple’s development platforms & frameworks (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa etc.)

• The ability to take an unfamiliar algorithm, understand it, translate it to code and improve it

For AR:

• Build 3D Augmented reality experiences using a suitable engine. Experience with AR platforms

• Willingness to experiment, learn and become experts in a new language/platform

• Experience with ARKit/Wikitude/Vuforia and other AR related technologies

• Location-based Augmented reality (aka Marker-less Augmented reality)

• Instant tracking and SLAM

• Basic knowledge of computer vision techniques (OpenCV etc.)

• Understanding of OpenGL ES

Applicant must have at least 3-5 years of experience working as an Augmented reality and full-stack iOS developer.

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