Creating math questions

Suppose I give you a question paper consisting of some maths questions. For each given question your task will be to create a

similar question based on the same fundamental. The questions will be from class-2 to class-8.

Consider the following example:

Suppose my base question is:

There were 97 boxes of apples with 324 apples in each box. 

If 1189 apples were rotten, how many good apples were left in the boxes?

Your parallel question may be:

In a school function, 130 filled-balloons are required to decorate each classroom.

But after decoration, 190 popped-balloons are found among them.

If there are 13 classrooms, then how many balloons are still intact?

This work requires:

1) Knowledge of Maths(at least upto class-10th) Its the most important

2) Working knowledge of ms-word, ms-paint. Some questions will be based on figures.

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