Logo Design

Neo Exotic Granite LLP is an Indian granite company based out of Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh.


Scope of Work:


Logo: The company’s logo needs to created keeping in mind the name: Neo (means new) and Exotic ( means different, rich and attractive)


The Logo needs to be finished in a combination of fonts, shapes and color that speak for the name ‘Neo Exotic’ and carry a very rich and exclusive feel along with a reflection on the nature of business i.e. cutting of granite blocks into slabs.


The logo should also look as impressive in colorless backgrounds as in colored backgrounds and utmost care should be given to the proportion and symmetry.


Single logo work will be divided into two parts:

a)    Mini Logo – Symbol Logo (Example: Just NE)

b)   Main Logo (Example: Neo Exotic Granite) - can be a mix of letters and symbol

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