Professional Web Application Developer, Full Stack

With over 4 years of experience, I am the PERFECT contractor for your project.

I specialize in building fully responsive websites for small to medium businesses.
Whether their purpose is to develop a full-fledged web application, provide a solution for your web related problems or even developing an e-commerce website and a chrome extension, I have skills to develop the online presence of your every business NEEDS.

I am working in Software Development for more than 4 years with some good experiences with Javascript and it's frameworks.
A Full-Stack Web Developer who believes in writing clean and optimized code. Have some good exposure in Data Structure and Algorithms. I think it is a must requirement for building better algorithms and better products.
Done some great work in Backend Development in the past, worked with building REST APIs.

New to JavaEE, done some projects on this also. Worked with some testing frameworks also like Junit, Mockito, Chai, mocha.
I have worked on the following Databases: Mysql, MongoDB, MSSql, CouchDB

Preferred Tech Stack: Javascript,Jquery, Nodejs, Django, HTML+CSS, Angular.

Previously I have worked on many web applications, RESTAPIs, cross-platform browser platforms. Whenever I start a project I ensure that I follow a proper SDLC plan starting from the project architecture, Database architecture than all the designing, development working parts. Also, whenever I do projects I ensure that the application is easily scalable. I follow proper design patterns.