Intermediate ML developer

I am a goal-oriented, hard-working, determined person who is always ready to face exciting challenges and possess the undying zeal to learn new things. Have a strong grip on technical tools along with a lot of experience in the management-side thereby maintaining a perfect balance between the two. Over the years, I have been trying to acquire relevant skills and experience. I have also worked tirelessly on my communication abilities and teamwork skills in all the projects my team has made. I have given my 100% in my past projects as well as to the community, and this has enabled me to recognize my capabilities and limitations. If I channelize them further, they will bring fruitful results to me. I have 2 years of experience in Machine learning and Mobile Application Development. I start learning Machine learning from the online websites. I have been getting hands-on experience from the courses. I have also completed some projects on Hands-on ML as well as and machine learning by Andrew Ng courses from coursera. So I have some insight knowledge of machine learning algorithms and how they work. I have also interest in image processing. I have also used some deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, etc. I have made a project on big data analytics on pyspark.