A Developer who cares | PHP, WordPress, Android, iOS, HTML, CSS

Not yet another skillset bragger. Instead - your helping hand in the world of Web Development. Cooperatively with my clients, we move towards a successful solution. And this is how the efficient working process should flow.

In my craft I strive for the following principles:
- End product needs to solve a problem
- My client should feel safe and involved in the process (seeing intermediate results, getting instructions, etc)
- To be independent as a developer and free my clients' brains from thinking and caring too much about things that are my responsibility.

Here are my specialties:
- Modern Website Development: from scratch, revamp, update, customize and other forms.
- WordPress: creating custom templates and themes, coding plugins, working with database, visual editors such as Elementor, WP Bakery Page Builder, Divi, and others. Administration.
- API Integration: connecting your web-product to third-party API and processing data that comes from it. For example real-estate services, electronic documents signing, payments.

Getting technical, I utilize professional knowledge of the latest HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3) and Javascript (a programming language that evolves night and day) with jQuery on front-end to achieve results. PHP and MySQL on the back-end.

Mobile Apps : I can code in Java for Native Android and Swift5 for Native iOS besides this, I can also write Hybrid Apps in React Native and Ionic Cordova, I can integrate all sorts of APIs in both iOS and Android.

Being a fan of the “think-before-you-act” approach, I prefer to spend some time figuring out a bigger picture of your task/problem before diving into coding. This will prevent you from lots of redos in the future, thus saving our time and your money.


So, the overview is not a high-school essay - let’s keep it simple.
You deserve a product that will grow, that will resonate with the soul of your business. You deserve a contractor like this: