Expert in data analysis and advance analytics

I am an undergrad from IIT Kharagpur(2012-2016), due to my interest in data I am inspired to become a data analyst and help in finding insights from the data. I am proficient in understanding business and understanding data to make business efficient

My Skillset includes:
1) Programming Language: R, Python 3.0, SQL(BigQuery, MySQL)
3)Advanced Analytics
4) Data Mining
5) Dashboarding and BI
6) Campaign Management & Analysis
7) Advance Excel
8) Automation

My Philosophy :
I keep my heart and work together, I love what I do and very passionate about learning and improving my skills and knowledge. I like Machine Learning and I always look for a good opportunity and want to explore as much as I can.
I love music and play bass guitar and squash. I have two very important rules that I follow "Health is wealth" and "Laziness is the biggest enemy"