Recruiter,Trainer, Advisor

As an HR Professional I have experienced that your roles and responsibilities in this job will be multifaceted and uncertain. We can go from managing full-cycle recruitment of talented team members to investigating complicated compliance matters. While confident in my skills across multiple HR practice areas, the driving force is my desire to elevate the performance and job satisfaction of our most valuable asset—the employees.

In my pursuit of a Master’s degree in Human Resources, I strengthened my understanding of diverse HR subjects which includes recruitment cycle, training and development, CSR, PMS, and employee relations. Additionally, my professional background has included relevant responsibilities such as policy evolution and implementation, staff recruitment and training, records management, employee engagement, employee exit, and cross-cultural communication. With these attributes in mind, I am prepared to thrive in this challenging and energizing field.

I’m committed to help companies in creating winning work cultures and top-performing teams. I take pride in providing value-adding advisory and support services to my employers and strive to catalyze continuous improvement.