Sulekha Suresh - Data Scientist

Sulekha Suresh

Data Scientist - Bangalore, India

Data Scientist/Analyst with 5 years of experience in Retail, IT etc

Work as a Senior analyst in a Retail Home Improvement company, I have experience working with Text data/Unstructured data, structured data, Predictive analysis, EDA. I have good pr...


Mitali Patel - Data Scientist

Mitali Patel

Data Scientist - Ahmedabad, India

Freelance content writer and analyst

I am a freelance content writer and have been doing it since last 2 years. I have a good grip over tools such as MS Excel , Word, PowerPoint. Besides I belong to a technical back...


Mayank Vats - Data Scientist

Mayank Vats

Data Scientist - Delhi, India

Excellent in Exploratory Data Analysis

Good in data mining and data analysis. Can build machine learning models to find insights in data. Have experience in ML tools such as Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Sklearn....