Technologies state-of-art is assisting companies attain their aims through potent and ingenious techniques. One of the tactic companies are applying to get their work done competently is by hiring virtual assistants to uphold the organizational or enduring business chores. Virtual assistant companies in India can link you with support for everything, from handling your daily agenda to organizing your e-mails and correspondences. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant can be one of the most important hiring for you as an entrepreneur. is a platform that will help you find best virtual assistants as per your requirements. Utilize your valuable time in much productive work and delegate your daily chores to the virtual assistant hired.

Virtual assistant can be a great asset for the growth of your organization but it’s highly essential to select an intellectually qualified assistant and keep a trail of their time and productivity as well. is a cutting-edge app that can make hiring and working with virtual assistants stress-free.

Benefits of hiring virtual staff

Whether you are hiring a single Virtual Assistant or you are building a wholesome team of virtual staff, hiring distant team members can have a substantial influence on the output and the progression of the business.

Here are some of the foremost benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • You don’t require a physical work place
  • Virtual Assistants are reasonable
  • You’re not just restricted to local talent
  • Delegation helps in reduction of stress
  • Devote more time in your areas of forte
  • Concentrate on high-value and revenue giving deeds

Types of Virtual Assistants

By far, if the virtual assistant hired has the precise training, abilities, and tools he can actually do everything that does not necessitate their bodily presence, which if you deliberate about, is truly a lot. Therefore, it becomes vital to know what type of virtual assistant will suit your specific purpose. Different types of Virtual Assistants are:-

The General Virtual Assistant:

The most familiar type of Virtual Assistant is termed as General VA (General Virtual Assistant). A General VA is somebody who can toil over the basic daily jobs and practices that are vital for smooth running of the business but not essentially engrossed on developing it. The job that you would depute to a General VA is likely to be technical and insistent in attributes, like handling e-mails or travel program, arranging your appointments, data-entry, research, managing posts on social platforms, and much more.

The Specialized Virtual Assistant:

A Specialized Virtual Assistant is somebody that has a very precise set of skills and is well suited for possessing or managing a very precise procedure in your trade. They are likely to be more costly than General VAs as they actually have a specialized set of skills and that will necessitate negligible extra training from you. Jobs like book keeping, customer service, video editing, & project management, for instance, are well suitable for a Specialized VA. is an across the board time tracing and productivity tool that will do everything from enabling you to watch your assistant’s chores as it ensues handling of payments automatically depending upon the no. of hours worked and rates pre-decided. A virtual assistant aids in increasing your time efficacy, and strengthens it even more by automating responsibilities that would otherwise engage in extra work time of yours.